Why Huit?

Howdy Ya’ll! Welcome to Huit Life-my stories and expeditions of everything from tiny living in our skoolie, homeschooling my kiddos, and everything in between. We are unconventional and we know it. It’s about God, family and the adventure of the whole thing.

Why Huit? Huit is french for the number 8:  Since we are a party of 8 and have a love of most all things french (let’s be honest, can anyone cook, bake, travel or party like those guys?!) I found it fitting.  Also, I think I’m clever sometimes and thought it sounded close to “Sweet Life” which is what I like to think I have {insert adorable wink here}.

I wear a lot of hats and so does my hubby Ryan as we raise our 4 girls and 2 boys.  We are currently figuring out life and welcome visitors to join in on the epic-ness that is our family! Of course, stick around for the disastrous parts as well because those are sure to be in abundance!