Happy 4th of July everyone!

We thoroughly enjoyed last night as we set off fireworks and ate Bar-B-Que and watermelon with friends at the farm. This is a fairly usual Friday night occurrence but it was a bit bittersweet last night.

We had an absolute BLAST-pun 100% intended-but a few of our friends were missing. I’m guessing this is the start of something new for us and I’m guessing this is me, using you, as my therapy to cope with it. Here goes.

First things first, I love my country. I’m so thankful that God allowed me to be in a country where I have the freedoms that I do but also the opportunity that I have at my fingertips. The days I work hard still fail in comparison to women in some countries and I am so thankful (I guess in a bratty kinda way) for that. Our country is young, and it has succeeded at many things. However, it has also failed. With the events currently swarming us on every news outlet and bombarding us with the tension felt everywhere you go…or don’t go…I think it is totally normal to have very mixed feelings about our country. And I think that is ok. I hope that makes sense to everyone because if America was a singular person, it would be necessary to give that person grace. I believe this is why we “take it out” on our President (this is not about Trump…this is about the presidency: Whether republican or democratic or libertarian or grass roots or …. whatever). This isn’t me attempting to ride the fence and please everyone-I assure you there are things we will fundamentally and ethically disagree about in some form or fashion-but I think if we gave out grace in the same way that we expect grace to be given to us we would quite possibly have a different country. It wouldn’t solve all of our problems, but it would allow us to hear them with an open heart and an open mind. And with kindness. And compassion. We get very defensive and immediately want to fight. How American of us, right?

So why go on that tangent? I think it’s just part of this therapy session. And the take away is that if we all just started thinking of each other as human beings again we may be able to be great again as well.

Here’s why I believe I have traveled this road. We have Friday night parties a couple times a month with friends. The people we do life with-not necessarily the ONLY ones, but the ones we do Friday nights with. I have friends that I do homeschool stuff with, and friends that I do church with, and friends that I do…..you get it. These Friday night people are just a group of special people to us. We aren’t identical in our beliefs and we don’t see eye to eye on every little thing, but we love them and therefore choose to spend time with them. Because they are people. Like us but also not like us. And we love them.

Three of them were absent yesterday. One has left again for work for 3 months (after a 14 day quarantine) and 2 have moved. I really went into yesterday with a lower expectation because they were gone. You see, 2 of these people are exceptionally special to us-to our family but especially to me. And when they left I cried for a long time about it. And I am currently crying, again, as well. lol. Because that’s what I do. I cry. Ryan is about to have his 40th birthday and these 3 (really just the 2 men if we are honest) won’t be at his 40th birthday and he has mentioned daily how much that sucks. He doesn’t cry, he laughs. But that’s what he does. He doesn’t cry.

We still had a great night-even had a special appearance from my mom and dad!-despite my initial feelings.

This is where I give my profound statement. Are you ready?

This is what I feel makes me Human.  Making relationships. True relationship with people. It doesn’t make us American, it makes us Human. But can we all realize that we are human? We may be different, we may look different, we may talk different…we are guaranteed to think different. But we all have that one thing in common. And regardless of how we show our emotion of the toll that life is taking on us, it is our relationships that get us through that. Whether it is blowing up fireworks together or Skype calls or eating a meal together or all of us sitting silently listening to music together. It’s that we are together.

Even when you guys are all the way in Oklahoma instead of here at the farm with us where I want you to be.

So celebrate our country-celebrate the humans that made it possible, the humans you love, the humans who aren’t here to see it, and the humans that we are leaving it to. Because all of those humans matter.



P.S. Sorry my emotions scattered that one. Therapy Session is probably a little less misleading of a title…

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