Disney Withdrawals

Well guys. It’s been a while. I could give you the 411 on the details of my life and make a commitment to write more…but the truth of the matter is simple: the farm is underwater still and I can’t go making promises.

What I CAN do is tell you how we are in the middle of a serious withdrawal over here!

The last time we were on Disney property was last fall and it feels like an eternity. Now please understand this: we are obviously being dramatic about this but still.


My princess James on Mainstreet before going to meet Tiana (her favorite princess)


We have 2 trips planned this fall to attempt to cure this feeling (planning is half the fun guys!) so I thought if I took you guys along for the ride maybe we could both gain a little joy from it.

So this August we are going to camp out at the Fort Wilderness Campsites as a family. Our family of 8 in a tent in August in Florida and yet I CAN NOT WAIT! This will be our first time driving (well, from Texas instead of on our Bus Trip) so that will also add to the excitement!

In September Ryan and I are having a parents only trip to Coronado Springs where we have never stayed before. This trip will be on an airplane which is our regular form of transportation – and quite honestly our preferred way! – and I will get to take a nice nap since I will be sans the children.

So as of right now we have booked our hotel and because the family trip is within the 6 month window I went ahead and got reservations for Raglan Road (Irish restaurant with live music and dancing at Disney Springs) and Sanaa (Animal Kingdom lodge restaurant overlooking the savannah with animals). It may shock some of you, but we aren’t even going into the parks during our family trip. Fort Wilderness offers so many different things to do around the campground that spending the extra money to enter the parks just really isn’t a priority.

I thought it might be helpful to give you a breakdown on our trip though because I am sure some of you are SUPER confused now that you know we are going to Disneyworld but not going IN Disneyworld. This just goes to show either how deep our insanity for Disney goes or just how much people have squished the “Disney dream trip” into a box. Probably a little of both. We have spent $350 for our campsite for a week, the cost of gas to get to Florida, camping gear (a tent and a couple sleeping bags for the kids) and the out of pocket for Raglan Road and Sanaa and whatever other food we get. Truth is, I have enough in Disney Reward Dollars to pay for the whole trip so that takes it down to gas and the items we purchased at Academy.

All because we have an itch for Disney.

C’mon. Everyone has a vice.


Our crew (minus the 2 littles) fall 2018 


I have had so many people ask us how we have gone to Disney so many times and still enjoy it. I can’t really explain it. It’s just a culture we have created in our family I guess. We get a sprinkling of the same pixie dust when we go into the Disney Store or when we put on t-shirts from past trips or when we spend half a morning watching videos about the new snacks and construction going on at the parks.  When we talk to other families that have the same magical memories and strike up a conversation together it reminds us that we aren’t alone.  When we make eye contact with some of our closest friends and they smile at us starting the announcement that they just booked a trip as well.  I love it!

This week alone (yes, I realize its Spring Break) I have 7 friends and family at Disneyworld and 2 more at Disneyland! I love seeing everyone’s pictures and it makes me so happy to see other families enjoying that same magic that my own family adores so much. That’s what spurs the withdrawals: the idea that when we go to Disney we are carefree and immersed in something that feels unattainable in our “everyday” lives. Don’t get me wrong, I rather enjoy my crazy life.  But taking my tribe and removing us from the wildness of our routine to go play with the mouse is a very welcomed invitation!


Next week I will be making our reservations for our childless trip and I will let ya’ll know how that goes. We are excited to try some of the restaurants that we can’t/won’t visit with the kids and check off some that we just haven’t made it to thus far. Of course, some of our favorites will still be visited (Satuli Canteen in Pandora) but we are working on checking off all the restaurants at Disney and we are very close to doing so.  I will update ya’ll on what we choose and why and also give you an idea of why we plan on driving 15 hours to camp on property for a park we don’t intend on entering.

Good therapy session guys. Thanks for listening.




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