Disney Countdown 1: Beauty and the Beast Edition

Yes, we countdown our weeks to DisneyWorld. Sunday night we will sit down as a family and watch a selected movie and I will cook something or we will make something that fits the theme. Our first countdown night was a couple weeks ago but Lumiere came to visit as we enjoyed some signature dishes from the Beast’s castle.

So for those of you thinking, “wow you overachiever”…hold the phone.

That’s a pineapple tablecloth on the table, one kid is naked and we waited for Daddy only to find out he would get off later than EVER and the kids were too starving to wait on him. That and getting 6 children to not mess with stuff on the table when its all set and to not jump while the souffle was trying to rise…it just didn’t happen.

So what was the menu, you ask?

Well, first we had a delicious cheese souffle that was full of an entire block of Gruyere cheese. My mouth is watering. The link to the basic recipe is here: Cheese Souffle

                       This Cheese Soufflé is Surprisingly Easy To Make

                       Photo Credit: Lauren Volo

I changed mine a bit but this was the basics. All of my kids ate it. They asked for more until there almost wasn’t enough left for when Daddy got home.

With that, we served bacon haricot verts. This is a standard recipe in our house. Throw some butter in a pan, then let some cracked black pepper bloom in the hot butter. Toss in your fresh beans and cook them to your preference (I like them fairly crispy still!). I trim the ends off of my beans mostly because I grocery shop once a week and sometimes they don’t look quite as fresh-give me another year though and I will be pulling them from my greenhouse hopefully! I throw in cooked bacon for the last 2 or 3 minutes. Sometimes I cook the bacon first so I can use the grease to cook instead of butter. If you are feeling extra indulgent, you could melt some more butter and drizzle it on top and then freshly grate some parmesan cheese real Julia-Childs-like.

Then there were some blueberries. Why, what significance does that have? None. My kids saw blueberries in the fridge and 2 of them laid out flat on the ground in a full on fit crying about them…so momma gave in.

Lastly, we had the Grey Stuff.  I made this first so it could cool and then it was still a little loose so I froze it. They loved it, and flavor wise it was spot on. The problem was that I had dreams of piping it onto brownies just like they do at Be Our Guest Restaurant. Oh well, dreams fade. Dreams die. Here’s a link to the recipe I used here. Again, I have zero doubt I tweaked it a little because I have a problem following directions.

How to Make "The Grey Stuff" from Disney's Be Our Guest Restaurant Find more Disney fun on MamaCheaps.com!

Later on during the movie I served Lefou’s Brew-another delicious treat served in DisneyWorld at Gaston’s Tavern.  People love it, people hate it. It has marshmallow cream in it and mango. That’s always gonna be a win for me unless it is mixed with beef jerky or something weird.  Here is a link to the recipe I used and, you guessed it, I tweaked it. Lefou’s Brew. This time it was for good reason though because I couldn’t find the syrup at 3 stores.

                          LeFou's Brew is a slushy apple drink popular at Walt Disney World! This deliciously refreshing drink recipe is inspired by the upcoming Beauty And The Beast movie. Now you can make your own LeFou's Brew at home with this simple recipe.
So that was our first hoorah to countdown to Disney! Let me know if you try some of them yourself and what you tweaked…or if you follow directions, unlike me.
The kids loved it and had an absolute blast! Do you have a treat you enjoy somewhere that you haven’t mastered at home?

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