Catch up Time

Yep, I know.

Let me have it.

I have been terrible.

If I just could have had internet to be able to continue through our trip.  Don’t worry though, I will catch everyone up. I vow right now to follow through. Plus, I have no excuse (other than 6 kids and LIFE and Ryan starting a full time job again…I know…so much to catch up on).

So here is my formal apology and my commitment to be better. 

We are back in Texas. After checking off 27 states, we would jump on it all over again but between the hurricane hitting here at home and funds getting low we decided our time had come to get back home. We came back about 4 days earlier than our planned arrival but we didn’t have a whole lot of luck driving back through the Gulf Coast-we literally were turned away from 4 different parks that were damaged too badly and almost every RV park was past capacity. Bless my husband who enjoys driving through the night and took us on a couple red eye drives from Florida to Texas.

We are in a small home. We initially parked the bus on a piece of property but their were a couple factors against us.

Number 1: Texas heat + No tree coverage = not good. I was taking the kids to the library everyday and sonic to be out of the bus for the 3 hours of direct sun.  A/C was cranking but we were still baking-not really, we just hadn’t been in Texas for 3 months and it was too much for us.  Enough said.

Number 2: A neighbor complained about our bus and the county was called to check it out. We were told we had 30 days to leave. This was something to do with the septic system capacity but lets be honest-I freaked out and cried and told Ryan we had to leave immediately.  Knowing someone was right next-door that didn’t want you there kind of pushes the process along for me.  I don’t want to be somewhere I constantly feel like my kids and I are being judged without the person even knowing our life.

Number 3: I wanted an easier spot for school. The kids were great on the road with school, but we were able to do so much out in nature and on park tables that getting back home was hard to find a good spot where I could focus on each one. Plus Ryan was gone during the day to work which meant entertaining them all in the bus while trying to teach…we needed to rethink this. So we looked for places and found one where the kids get a playroom, a bedroom and a schoolroom. Success.

Number 4: Don’t laugh, but if you know me this is totally logical…I wanted a Christmas tree and to host the holidays.  When you have six children, you don’t use space on the bus for a Christmas tree. Even if it would have been flat it would have been difficult to fit it somewhere and there is no way I could have cooked Thanksgiving dinner and had my family over. Our thanksgiving was beautiful and cozy in our 1000 square foot home. We still could do without the size of our bedroom (but I do have my sewing machine and a desk set up which is nice) and the kids play in their bedroom much more than their playroom (I think this is partially because of location as well seeing as how their bedroom is right beside the living room and they still feel like they are “part of the action”) and the Schoolroom is good for reading and storage but we typically do school at the kitchen table where they have so much more room to spread their stuff out. And oh yes, I made a fireplace mantle and took some old pallets to display all my Christmas village and we managed to save only one of our…wait for it….15 trees from storage to set up. Well, we put 2 smaller ones up but a rat chewed the lights on one but I couldn’t let it go and another one was a small one of the kids and they set it up. So technically 3 out of 15. Still bad odds. But I only wanted one-and my Christmas sheets. I will get y’all a view of our Christmas with another Christmas post. Plus I revamped our kitchen here but lost the before pictures due to my phone being thrown by my sweet child-but I will have to show y’all that one too!

So glad we got to catch up a little bit! I promise I won’t let it be so long! As a matter of fact I intend on grabbing the camera and putting pictures in immediately after the kids school today so I can plan out my return.

Thank you faithfuls for the prayers and the love through our journey and for you newbies, sit back and enjoy the ride!


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