Just Having Fun

Guys, this road life is where it’s at! Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of times I get stressed about stuff, but just like anytime I realize how pointless and stupid the reasoning is and calm down (sometimes a little later than I probably should though). Truth is, I don’t pay attention to the date or anything-it’s freeing but its also not completely practical.

Don’t get me wrong, I am having an absolute blast with my family and I can tell that this trip has brought us tighter together and really done exactly what I wanted it to do, but let’s be honest-we are called to do more than this. Enjoying the world and the beauty of the things around us is most definitely what God wants us to do, but what are you doing with it?

I know, I know, I am being a mother, something I was called to do when God blessed us with these adorable brats but ya’ll know what I mean.

I guess when you think about it though…

Along the way I know that we have been a blessing to people and I know that we have been used by God along the way. I can think of NUMEROUS conversations (within churches and outside churches) in almost every state where God was evident in the workings of the whole thing along with His Spirit being there.  My children have asked people if they needed prayer, they have shared Bible verses with strangers and they have given money to numerous poor people.  All of these things I bring up not to brag on my kids, although they are pretty great, but because of 2 things: My children have taught me the simplicity of God’s Word and 2. They have learned the very heart of His Word without hesitation or restriction.

Sometimes we are quick to shush our children when they point out someones flaws or speak something that is embarrassing to us but isn’t this part of why we love children? They speak exactly what they are thinking and when we teach them that they have to restrain every word of truth from their mouth to comply with the politically correct people around them we stifle that. Why not teach them that it is not a bad thing to have an opinion as long as there is a brain behind it. Why not teach them it’s ok to ask questions even if they are hard so that they can understand better instead of hurting someones feelings. As much as it all sounds political, I mean for the Kingdom of God first which despite some of the craziness around us just means simply to love His people. They don’t ask why someone is poor to be rude, they ask because of compassion. They don’t laugh because someone is chunky and they are making fun, its because they find something fun and different about someone.

We were walking behind a woman the other day and Jude just busted out laughing “Look at her BUTT!” She had leopard leggings on and a butt that was easily as wide as she was tall. I put my hand over his mouth immediately. I was mortified. Later I asked him about it and he actually had forgotten but then he said “Oh, I thought it was cool how her body moved. Her booty moved and her cheetah pants were cool.” Sometimes we see the bad in something where it doesn’t even exist.

As much as this has been a relaxing trip, it has been stressful as well and full of teaching moments for all of us. We are on Day 8 at DisneyWorld right now and then heading back towards Texas. We have a lot of catching up to do from along the way. Many states and lessons to talk about and still more to gain before getting home. But don’t lose sight of the purpose of all of it.

Having Fun is only the beginning.


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