Tennessee-Standing Alone

Ok, so does it count if by “Tennessee” I really just mean Nashville?

Hope so!

Because we were staying in Kentucky-there was quite literally no room in the inn, meaning anywhere in the path of totality for the eclipse- we were fortunate to be only 40 minutes out of Nashville so a day trip on Saturday allowed us to have a scenery change and also able to check off a state that we didn’t think we would mark off until our swing back through the Gulf Coast States. {I’m so glad run ons are allowed in personal blogs, it really gives the emphasis I needed!}
So we aren’t world travelers, but we have been to a couple great cities and I can honestly tell you that Nashville is one of our favorites!

We got into town by 10 am and made our way around the city. Walked down Broadway where the bars were already blaring live music and filling every entrance with the thick, and might I add sickening, smell of cigarette smoke. No, this isn’t what made it our favorite. We walked around town a little bit and ended up settling on The Spaghetti Factory. Our kids told us it was hands down the best restaurant they ever went to-they have the trolley inside for you to sit in (which only goes up to a table of six so we couldn’t partake but that was fine), antique chandeliers over every table (which a waiter made a joke about and I laughed from the next table…haha) and numerous other drool worthy antiques all over. All of this was great but let me tell you: it wasn’t the atmosphere, the fact that everything was a 3 course meal and included spumoni ice cream, nor was it the limeade that came out with a huge ball of cotton candy on a color changing straw that made this restaurant so phenomenal. It was no doubt the service! These were the most hospitable and thorough people we have ever had-and we have had great service before, they were just THAT good.
We ran through a couple fountains, crashed on the concrete (we have bled in every state from a scraped knee) and completely by accident ended up at the Italian Lights Festival. Great music playing, crafts for the kids, food and drink vendors, and artisans of all sorts all over the park. We had a great time before heading over to the Farmers Market because, yes, they have a full time market with a real building that is open all the time.

None of this 3rd saturday of the month junk.
Legit, everyday.
Most jealous of the plants and gardening stuff that I couldn’t splurge on though!
Walked back by the “Parthenon” and took a stroll through the archives at the library. My kids went straight to 2 things: the 5 books in the entire library labeled Texas and the water fountain. Texas-oo, ha, ha.

Then I was attacked by about 50 of the biggest mosquitos I’ve ever seen while sitting in the shade. Made me run for concrete thats for sure.

Decided to take off to see Opryland and the Opryhouse before heading back to camp. I’m sorry, but what a bust.
Wanted to do the boat ride around the atrium of Opryland. Yes, thats right. The hotel is so massive that it has a stinking boat ride around the lobby. We decided we will come back and stay there with friends another time to fully experience it. The boat ride would have set us back much more than we were willing to spend considering our kids would not appreciate it enough. So headed to the Opryhouse. Bust. Had a special event going on so we couldn’t get in.
Where does a family go when they have a parking spot but no great historical or meaningful stop nearby?

The Opry Mills Mall of course for a carousel ride, a stop in the disney store and another out of this world meal. At the Bavarian Bierhaus of all places. We were in Nashville and went to a german restaurant in the mall. IT WAS THE BEST DECISION! Our kids ran and danced to the German band, complete in Leiderhosen, and we enjoyed more fantastic service and delicious food for another couple hours. We were complimented a number of times on our children and our family which probably made me love it even more!
We returned back to camp about 11 after a very full day in Nashville and couldn’t be happier with the wild ride we took through that beautiful city.
Favorite moment of the whole day: When Elisha asked where we were going and I told her we were going “under that bridge to see a fountain” and she asked “Do you think we can play in it?”. I replied with “Sure, it’s essentially a splash pad” and she precededed to throw her arms around me and almost knock me down the hill saying “You’re the best mom in this whole city!”

Shining moment as a momma.

Enjoy your family, all the quirks!


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