Oklahoma is OK

We made it out of Texas…finally.

I know. It’s seriously a miracle.

So we looked for spots that were as close to the state border as possible because we knew we wanted to get somewhere and enjoy the fact that we had victoriously made it out of Texas. We wanted to hang out and enjoy the stop.

Lake Murray was just past the state line and we dropped a pin in it.

Turned out to be an awesome pick for a couple of reasons:

  • The scenery
  • The weather
  • The accommodations (price and number of spots)
  • Nature Center and Badges the kids could earn
  • Hiking Trails
  • Camp Hosts

Immediately our kids made friends with the camp host family and were at the lake swimming within the hour.  We ended up spending a lot of time with them the couple of days we were there and enjoyed having someone to run around with the kids.

We hiked, we biked, we swam, we campfired and we learned and explored the parked every way we could!


Pushing this thing was a beast on the narrow trails
Stomping across one of the bridges with our new friends
Old water tower

We also started school which was surprisingly very fun. An adjustment, yes, but fun. The kids did pretty well with the addition of something that required focus and by Wednesday we had a good rhythm.

One day we hiked but somehow got completely off course of the main trail so of course it started raining.  We got soaked but ended up having an absolute blast and it cooled us off allowing us to enjoy the parts out of the woods much more than if we were baking under the sun.


Top of the old observation tower
Right after Elisha had a complete wipe out down the hill on her bike
Almost back to camp-11 miles later

The extra special part of our trip to Oklahoma was a stop on our way out of state at my Kilgore Big Sister, Marissa’s,  greenhouse at Square Dance Farm. It amazes me that we can travel around and have family and friends along the route. It amazes me that I can see someone I haven’t seen in over ten years and still feel home with her.

All in all, Oklahoma was OK {wink wink at cheesy joke}


Square Dance Farm’s and Big Sister hugs


  1. Yvette

    This is so awesome! Glad you guys are exploring and are safe! There is so much to see and do in these United States . But you are missed.

  2. Mika

    Your children are going to have so much fun and enjoy so many unique experiences! You are a brave and adventurous family.

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