Texas-Teaching NEW dogs, NEW tricks

Off we go!

We love our home state. It’s Texas after all. Have you ever met someone from Texas that wasn’t in love with their state? If so, they aren’t a true Texan and we don’t claim ’em.

Just kidding, don’t get all huffy.

Anyways, we didn’t plan a whole lot for Texas because honestly we knew what a trek it would be to get out of our HUGE state so we were just focused on that…getting out!

Sounds simple enough right. Head east, get to Louisiana relatively quick. Nope, went directly towards the center of the state to swing by and visit family (which we didn’t even get to see because of bad timing but that’s another story!).

Well, there were still kinks to work out with our solar power and with Esmeralda’s health so it ended up being a good thing to be familiar with the area. Let’s just say we weren’t feeling real great about our decision when we got to Ink’s Lake and our power messed up…and there were no electrical sites available…and it was scorchingly hot outside…even at night.

That sentence could elaborate for a while but I will stop there.

Standing at the steps of a museum in Texas
When the door is locked, you do the next best thing and take a picture with the sign!
Handsome guy exploring


Point is, you never know what will happen on the road. Through a series of events we spent more nights in Texas than we expected. We ended up stopping for preventative maintenance at an auto zone in Lampassas, Texas just to find a shredded belt when we removed it and a store that had to order the part. Yep, our second day on the road was spent in a hotel. Really roughing it.

If you ever go to Lampassas, just know that they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your entire life. The Schlotsky’s will make you feel like you are at a five star joint and the parts stores (yes, plural because Ryan ran the roads quite literally since we didn’t bring a vehicle and the bus was broken down and we were trying to find the serpentine belt) are full of some of the most accommodating people as well.

We ended up fishing and swimming in the creek, swimming in the pool, walking around the town and just overall enjoying small town Texas.

I had made reservations for a site in Hico, Texas and we weren’t able to make it due to the circumstances so we rain checked for the next evening. Ending up staying there for an extra night to enjoy a little more small town Texas. Went to a great little church Sunday morning with some super sweet people, little more fishing where Noah caught her first fish and a little walking around the town. Visited the Billy the Kid museum, a chocolate factory and a general store. Good ole fashioned family fun complete with glass bottled Texas sodas.

Noah catching her first fish ever
That is one swell guy right there

From there we packed up and headed out of state…FINALLY!

Texas is home so I just had myself focused so hard on getting out and letting the kids see something else but the best surprises are the ones we don’t plan for at all. My beautiful, ginormous home state taught us, mostly me though, that there is always more to explore and more to enjoy. It taught me that small towns still pack a whole lot even if it’s just a city park. It taught me that although I think I am flexible, I still have quite a ways to go.

But when I DO go with the flow I have such a blast!

When I go with the flow despite how big the problem seems, I realize how temporary all of it is and I am able to delight in even the troubles.

So no matter how together we think we have it, we have a long ways to go, but no matter what, Texas has most definitely taught this NEW dog a couple of new tricks.


What issues have you had that seemed like the end of the world but ended up being a huge blessing? What have you learned from some of your wildest side trips? Let me know in the comments!!

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  1. prepping2prep

    I’ve had a few times, admittedly without the kids, where an unexpected change of plans took me on through a great path.
    A leaky tent changed an intended camping trip into two nights at a hotel in small town Utah.
    A water pump (which needed to be ordered) resulted in a hotel night in a tiny town about an hour north of Amarillo.
    Prayers that everything smoothes out 🙂

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