Ok ya’ll-here’s the moment you were all waiting for: The reveal of Esmeralda’s insides.

I want to start out by saying a couple of things. Number one: we still have a couple of projects we plan on doing on the road which include little things such as repainting some of her outsides (we used 2 different yellows completely by accident–it seems its my favorite color–and we like the accidental one better) and finishing the potbelly stove which we aren’t concerned with since we actually have a heater and the weather isn’t requiring this right now.  Number two: we never drew up a plan for our bus, we just sort of took off running. With that said, we have already noticed things we could have changed or done differently but we wouldn’t have known until we lived in it a bit anyways. Not regrets though, just teaching moments. I think part of this also stems from that terrible Pinterest…you search and search and look at images and get ideas and then after you finish a project you see a different design and go “huh, that was clever…” but its past the point of no return. Overall though I am super happy with our layout. It works out very well for us and I think that once we are on the road and are completely immersed we will learn quite a bit more. We have 6 kids, we are always learning something right!?

Ok, so we bought a school bus from a school auction in May and the first part was removing the seats. Sounds easy enough.

Pile O’ Seats

Kind of gross. Yes. Not nearly as gross as removing those delicious rubber floors and plywood floors that had soaked up who knows what for 20 years of service to Marion ISD.

Empty Canvas
Coating and sealing the floor after taking out the many layers to get to the bare steel.

Then I got to go through and sand any rust spots and yes, a whole lot of t got in my mouth. Another yuck moment. There’s just nothing good about stuff flying in your mouth that you know for a FACT has been baking for 20 years. Nothing.

And some walls
The start of a couple extra long bunks
We have half a kitchen!

So at this point I was no longer completely disgusted with the idea of sitting on the ground or touching Esmeralda. She was a lot like Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady-just needed a good clean up, she did {Please, please read that in her terrible British accent and then follow it with “a cup of tea” in her sad dialect…if you can’t do this then I question our relationship…or maybe I’m just sad for you}

We just kept moving along working on her and trying to make her move in ready.  Of course, I know that she still needs some things even now but having lived in her for over a month now she feels homey now.

So this is the big jump. The part you’ve been waiting for and I hope she doesn’t disappoint you.

Home Sweet Home
My snazzy kitchen
Bathroom door and mirrors reflecting the bunk beds on the opposite side
Ok, so Im not great at taking a picture in a little space. Ill get better I promise. This is our bed though-and its a king size. We didn’t spare that luxury!

So theres so much more I could say-but that’s all I have for now. I have to catch ya’ll up on our road trip! Can’t be getting behind on that, now can we!

Hope you enjoyed a little glimpse of Esmeralda!

Ta Ta!



  1. Nell Shimek

    Love it you two are brave, creative and I love your spirit . I will be praying for you along your way Godspeed

    1. Christina

      Honestly I have to brag on my husband because somehow I give him new projects and he always seems to come through! I will definitely say that I searched plenty of pinterest for ideas on the floor plan. I never found the plan I liked exactly so I had to muddle over that for a while. I did watch a couple of youtube videos and a lot of HGTV’s Tiny Paradise/Tiny Living. I think sometimes we get overload from how much information is readily available on the internet. There were a lot of you tube videos watched by my husband specifically for the engine and the electrical system for the bus. Even now, on the road, I hear him watching a youtube video about changing a serpentine belt or working on the radiator every now and then. It has probably been our best resource but you have to watch 3 bad ones for every helpful video and its a lot to filter. All in all, I think we just went for it and made mistakes along the way though.

      Hope that answers your question in a helpful way instead of the blabbering round about way that I feel it did. 🙂

      Are you thinking about a skoolie yourself??

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