Oh the places we’ll go!

Planning this trip and fielding the questions make me feel like Ryan on the teacups at DisneyWorld sometimes. Sometimes I just sit there with my mind spinning and spinning. Plus, once you hear the same questions over it reminds me of the people that ask if all of my children belong to me or if we planned them all, etc.  This actually happened this weekend at lunch. Still shocks me each time.

I digress.

Every time I tell someone that we will be taking off for a trip around the U.S they get excited and they tell me how great it is to give our children such an experience. I agree. They ask how many states we plan on seeing and we precede to answer “All of them except Hawaii and Alaska”. Their face changes and they have a couple new comments and questions to add which includes at least one of the following:

  • You must be rich! Must be nice.
  • How long will you be gone?
  • How will you still be sane with all 8 of you on a bus?

Although I thoroughly enjoy these questions and comments, my favorite is not on that short list. My favorite question is:

“What direction are you going first?”

Finally, someone engaged in the actual trip.

Because we live in the great state of Texas, we figured that the best direction to go first to get kicked off quickly was east. It would take us 3 days to get out Texas if we go west first and we want to have that fast start out of the gate. After all, if we stay on track we should be all the way to DC by mid-August. That’s bang for your buck. We’d barely be to El Paso if we head west. lol

Of course, people want to know if we are following a set plan and where we are stopping or if we are using a map someone else has tested.  We are not that family.  We love adventure and we love that this trip is ours.

Believe it or not, there are quite a few people that have plugged in calculations and logarithms to determine a so called perfect route through the U.S. seeing every state without extra mileage or stops. Our purpose for this trip is to spend the time with our family. It is not just to see roadside attractions, but rather park ranger badges and park passport stamps, to see historical landmarks and things most people (not just children) only read about in books.  And because we are NOT rich, it is also to explore all of these things the cheapest way possible! We will not be at a museum everyday or eating at super fancy restaurants (or maybe not eat at restaurants at all). We will try local food, but just for special things. How can you go to New Orleans without eating a beignet? Or to New England without some chowder? Or Vermont without trying some fresh maple syrup and Green Mountain coffee?

Our snowman in Vermont a couple years ago before we went to town and ate the BEST french toast ever!!
In Puerto Rico last year on a foodie tour of Old San Juan. The restaurant was in the old tunnels under the city and we got to make our own Mofongo. Absolutely delicious!

Throughout our trip I will be posting updates and information on each of our stops, the cost involved, the food we eat and any other interesting tidbits I can muster.

Right now we have pushed back a week and anticipate leaving the weekend of the 21st. We had some troubles finding insurance for the skoolie and let’s just say there is a long list of steps to get her on the road legally.  And you can only do it in one order; Everyone wants something from the previous step so there are no shortcuts! This gives us a little more time at home, but we are chomping at the bit and ready for our big adventure to start.

What kind of adventures have you been on? Any places that you have been to or want to go to that you could recommend to us? Please let me know so we can squeeze it into our trip! Who knows, it may end up being one of our favorite stops!




P.S. Those of you waiting for the skoolie pictures, they are coming soon!!


  1. Kelsie Lewis

    Looks like an adventure of a lifetime! If you can try to make it to the Canadian side of Niagra Falls, Suix St Mary, MI to see the locks on the Great Lakes, White Sands national park in NM, Carlsbad Caverns, and Mesa Verde in CO see the Indian cliff dwellings.

  2. Chris Jeffery

    I place I loved when I was a kid was the Black Hills in South Dakota. We camped there and then drove in to see Mount Rushmore. It was so much fun and educational too. Happy Trails!

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