Waking up in a Bus

Yep, that’s right. A bus. One day we were living in a 5 bedroom home on a cul-de-sac and now I’m waking up in a school bus.

Hold on, there’s a story there.

A couple of months ago my husband and I were exploring options to start a farm. Finding land was proving to kick our butt and every time we thought we had a place in mind something would happen-they wouldn’t want to negotiate pricing, found out it was in a flood zone, house was in terrible shape, no agriculture exemption…the list goes on. Needless to say we knew we needed to sell our home (which we had barely built a year ago) so we could afford the country and gain the freedom of acreage that our suburban neighborhood was suffocating a little more each minute. We knew it was extreme and we knew it was quick but we had struggled with all of this prior to building our current home but suppressed it enough to settle in anyways. It was an expensive mistake to not listen in the beginning but come on, hindsight is always clearer, am I right?

So here we are, 6 kids, go to sell our house. We got our home staged and ready and got moved out ( to friends that, let me tell you, didn’t know what they were getting into AT ALL!) and immediately had interest in the house.  Our first plan was to sell the house, purchase the land, move on some shipping containers and make them into our eccentric farmhouse before moving in a couple staples such as chickens and a dairy cow and then set up some aquaponic greenhouses and live the dream. Seems simple enough, right. Findng the land was still proving to be troublesome so we started getting creative.

As I was searching through pinterest for ideas for container homes I came across a number of tiny houses. We are a family of 8. 6 children under the age of 8.  That doesn’t feel tiny house worthy.  Moving into a container home would already be quite the downsize.

Then I saw it.

A schoolie.

Guys, it wasn’t love at first sight or some magical sparkle in my eye where I inprinted or something. But I was intrigued. The first way I presented it to my husband was through a text before I went to sleep (he was a night nurse). My first thoughts were totally logical:

 “We can drive it to DisneyWorld and stay at the campgrounds, it will be so awesome!”

Doesn’t he look a little off. Looks perfect!

The next morning I talked to my husnband Ryan and he had already bid on 3 school buses. Yeah, we don’t do a whole lot of patience stuff around this family.

After losing 4 bids, we finally landed a school bus 2 days later. Yep, real nail biter waiting a whole 48 hours from initial thought to spontaneous purchase. {insert eyeroll} 

That weekend we drove 4 hours to go pick her up from a school auction in Marion, Texas. We then got word that we had a solid offer on our house and moved forward with that as well. May 4th we recieved the title to our school bus, by June 20 we were sleeping on the bus each night and our goal is to be fully operational (the bathroom still needs tiled at this point) by July 17th when we take off on our road trip through the states. That’s right, a road trip through all the states — minus Hawaii and Alaska.  48 states, 8 people, 3 months, 1 bus. Stick around for that one!

I love our crazy decision and the fact that I married a man that is just as crazy as I am. I love that our children call it the magic school bus and are super stoked about our adventures. I love that I have no house note…that’s just an extra one there.  I know it’s still new, but I love waking up on a bus.



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